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Well...I am finally back!

2011-08-09 00:38:43 by Baldev

Ok so life hit! Married, Job, School, More....Job! Just don't have the time i used too! i am currently working on three different songs all on the keys, so stick with me!!!

new stuff!!!

2010-07-28 22:13:43 by Baldev

Hey guys just hollerin atcha letting you know new stuff is on the way!!!


2009-12-21 11:52:23 by Baldev

Guys Listen to my Song "I Feel" VOTE it is my first whooo! you have to look it up by the authors name which is Baldev thnx guys


2009-12-17 15:09:31 by Baldev

Well getting ready to upload my first two songs, i am really nerves i hope everyone likes it